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I added 3-4 blogs that I found through this post! Mostly people just starting their fostering journey. Keep reblogging and sharing. Thanks guys!

Hello tumblr-verse — I am working on a project for my yoga teacher training about making yoga classes more accessible for all bodies. This is a project near and dear to me because I am considered “clinically obese” and know what it’s like to be excluded, to be the only one in class who is not a size 4 lululemon. As part of my project, I am hoping to lead my presentation with a discussion of why this is important by raising awareness about the conscious/subconscious discrimination against fat bodies in exercise/yoga classes. I would love to share some examples about —

  1. Stories about being discriminated against directly/consciously by your yoga/exercise teacher or fellow students.
  2. Stories about the off-handed remarks or actions that people may have taken in yoga/exercise class that were also discriminatory and hurtful.
  3. Are there any reasons you have not yet tried yoga / exercise class that relate to your size? Such as the way that local classes are marketed?
  4. Is there anything that an instructor has done or could do that would make you feel more welcome, more likely to return?
  5. If you are an active yoga practitioner and have a larger body, what is your favorite type of practice? Your favorite pose? (There’s definitely a strong myth out there that bodies ONLY like one kind of very gentle practice, at least at my local studio!).

If you have a story related to any of the above,please message me privately. I think my discussion of the work of people like Anna Guest-Jelley will be far more powerful if I can make it clear to my fellow trainees all the ways that the environment is actually hurtful to those with larger bodies.

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Dancers on the mountain

Runyon Canyon

Los Angeles, CA


You don’t have to be skinny to do yoga. ;D

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Enjoying the beautiful San Francisco sun.


Happy Father’s Day to all of our Yogis!


Happy Father’s Day to all of our Yogis!


Haha you can catch me doing yoga in between shoots.. 


Yoga strong at any age. :-)

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So I suffer from mild insomnia, is there anything I could do exercise wise to help sleep?

Like a yoga routine or exercises I can do in my room!?